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  • Chris Russell

One Essential Tip for Creating Die Hard Fans

Today we're going to tell you about a special way that you can create core fans that are gonna follow you for the rest of your career. You want to start by basically talking to every fan that you can at every show so that you can create a meaningful interaction. Imagine being one of the early fans at a show of somebody that becomes a huge success and being able to say, hey, I was there when there were only 10 people in the crowd. It's extremely memorable.

Then, you're going to want to consider the fact that you're not a hobbyist. You're a professional artist. In order to have an impact and strengthen your professional brand, you need to take the time to learn and understand why your fans love you, and then also what drives them to emotionally connect with your music so that you can start to do that in everything that you do. Most importantly, these early fans are going to be your evangelists.

If you can actually create a meaningful interaction with them, create a memorable experience, they're going to tell all their friends about you, and then you have your early followers that are gonna support you no matter what. Most importantly, these are your best and most core fans, so, don't neglect them. They matter more than you think.

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