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What We Do

The Noise Complaints Group is the place where creators and companies across industries come to cut through the noise of the world, so that they can stand out. As brand strategists, we guide you through the brand building process and craft an engaging and authentic story built around your vision, mission, and values to showcase what makes you and your company unique. 


The narrative and brand strategy that blossom from our discovery process becomes the foundation for your creative career, your business, and your strategy, providing clarity and a north star. Our goal is to partner with you to bring to life a brand that stands out and creates a genuine connection with people, without compromising your vision or authenticity. 


Who We Are

The Noise Complaints Group is a strategic branding agency founded by Chris Russell and Lyle Burns. We started the Noise Complaints Group to empower artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs to create without compromising. We believe that there's an audience for everyone so the goal is to help every brand find and connect with the right audience and consumer. 


We partner with artists, chefs, founders, small businesses, and creatives across industries to build brands that stand out and cut through the noise of a crowded digital landscape. We act as trusted advisors and collaborators when developing or growing a brand. Core to that is creating a sense of clarity that helps our clients understand the mission, vision, and values that are central to their brand and recognize their target audience. This insight brings forth art, products, ideas, and experiences that connect consumers with each other. 


When your work is shared with the world and consumed, it'll bring people closer together and affects their lives. We believe the foundation for finding and connecting with that audience and bringing them together is branding.

We're the best at:

  • Guiding you to clarity in your vision, mission, and values and how it shapes what you do

  • Crafting authentic and engaging brand stories that capture your spirit

  • Building brands that emotionally connect with consumers

  • Positioning how your brand fits in consumer's lives

  • Empathetically understanding your audience

  • Providing peace of mind and freedom through planning

  • Solving emotional problems with practical solutions

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