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  • Lyle Burns

Marketing Your Music Shouldn't Be a Chore

Every week, I talk to artists and they tell me marketing is a chore for them, or they don't have time to market because they're too focused on their art. Let me tell you about our marketing strategy that will allow you to enhance your focus on your art. Content marketing fits seamlessly into what you're already doing as a artist. For example, as you create a piece of art, you can take behind-the-scenes videos, using Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook. Tell the story of how you came up with your song, album, video, or whatever you're creating. You can just take photos of your work in progress,and all of that can be used as marketing content.

In addition, content marketing gives you more avenues to create. You can add layers and expand the story. Bring the whole world of your project to the fans, and give them a different perspective, and more details about your art that enhances their experience.

The point is that marketing doesn't have to be a chore and it doesn't have to take away the focus of what you're already doing. It allows fans to see another side of you, connect more with your work, and have a more meaningful relationship with you, and what you create for them.

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