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"Their e-book series on artist development is poignant and up-to-date. Their understanding of how to connect with todays audience is top notch. Without their private consultation & books my record label would be seriously behind the curve in connecting with fans across multiple platforms."

Matt Merlino | Co - Founder of LightWav Music

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Artist Guide: Developing Your Brand and Telling Your Authentic Story

You'll begin to:

  • Confidently tell your brand story

  • Define/redefine your brand as an anchor for everything you do

  • Understand what to consider when forming a strategy and plan

  • Building your team

  • Be inspired

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Get Streams, Earn Fans and Get Paid. The Album Release Strategy

This short guide will teach you:

  • Why your fans matter more than you think

  • How to frame a story surrounding your album 

  • The MOST CRUCIAL things you need in order to get paid for your music

  • Where and how you need to promote yourself

  • How to creatively think outside the box with your marketing

  • Boring, but necessary, things, like a schedule. But trendy things, like influencers.

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"Genre" Formula: How to Describe

Your Music 

Genres don’t always give a clear idea of what your music will sound like or let people know it’s worth checking out.

There is so much music available that it's hard for listeners to decide what to listen to.

So how do you make fans excited to go check out your music?​​

At Noise Complaints, we created a "Genre" formula to help you describe your music without being put in a box.

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Raising Money to bring your ideas to life. The crowdfunding guide

This short guide will teach you:

  • Choosing the right platform

  • Marketing your campaign

  • Building a community of backers

  • Making the best reward for your supporters

  • Keeping your campaign on brand

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Marketing 101 for Artists

  • Understand why branding and strategy is vital to any artist in today's digital world

  • Make your brand and strategy work hand-in-hand

  • Actionable tips to better understand and utilize your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

  • Learn how to build your fan base using a content marketing strategy

  • Learn how to identify your core fans

  • Learn how to make more money by monetizing your fans and music

  • Learn about multiple methods of revenue creation

Book a Coaching Session For $30

Promoting your art is hard. We'll guide you to develop a brand that people love and follow.

If you want to make money off of your art, let's chat about how to tell your authentic story to the right audience!


In this strategy session, we'll work with you on brand development, content plan, general coaching, project release strategy, revenue strategies, fan engagement, etc


In 30 minutes,  we’ll define your goals and give you a plan and resources to move your career forward.

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