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Get Streams, Earn Fans and Get Paid. The Album Release Strategy

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As an artist you put a lot of time and effort into creating your music and videos. You want your art heard, seen, understood, which is why a launch strategy is so important.

The purpose of an album launch strategy is to create momentum. In order to create that momentum a strategy is essential.

If you don’t have a plan of action aligned to your goals, you will put a lot of energy into trying a bunch of different tactics, but it won’t get you too far. Where as if you have a strategy you’ll get where you want to go even if it takes time.

Here's what this short guide will teach you:

  • Why your fans matter more than you think

  • How to frame a story surrounding your album 

  • The MOST CRUCIAL things you need in order to get paid for your music

  • Where and how you need to promote yourself

  • How to creatively think outside the box with your marketing

  • Boring, but necessary, things, like a schedule. But trendy things, like influencers.

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