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Cut Through The Noise


Cut Through The Noise

The creative industry is crowded, but you can stand out.

1.Build a Brand

Confidently tell your story and what makes you unique.

2.Gain Exposure

Know your audience and create a marketing plan that focuses on turning them into loyal fans who love and talk about you.

3.Earn Money

Make a simple plan to earn money and reinvest it so you can do more of what they do best, create.

Book a Coaching Session For $30

Promoting your art is hard. 

If you want to make money off of your art, it's time to tell your authentic story to the right audience!

We'll guide you to develop a brand that people love and follow.


In this strategy session, we'll work with you on brand development, content plan, general coaching, project release strategy, revenue strategies, fan engagement, etc


In 30 minutes,  we’ll define your goals and give you a plan and resources to move your career forward.

What Our Clients Think 

Montez Kendall | Goodness with Chef Vannessa

I'd highly recommend The Noise Complaints Group as it pertains to developing comprehensive marketing plans. They have proven themselves time and time again as an asset by delivering unbiased creative input and most importantly - they have saved me a ton of time personally with market research. They have also demonstrated the flexibility to be able to create client-specific strategic opportunities for clients outside of their usual scope of work. They check all of the boxes; punctual, thorough and probably more resourceful than whomever you are currently relegating your marketing responsibilities to. These guys are "as advertised".

The Noise Complaints Group has been pivotal in giving us the tools we need to reach a wider audience. Their understanding of how to connect with todays audience is top notch. Without their private consultation & books my record label would be seriously behind the curve in connecting with fans across multiple platforms. On top of their expertise, they are consummate professionals: timely, polite, straightforward & hardworking. In short, if you need a brand strategy for your music (or artist), up to date information on the current trends or a network of creatives--you need The Noise Complaints Group.

The Noise Complaints Group provided me with a great road map to help me build a sustainable business plan for the Seattle FAM. 

I was extremely impressed with their professionalism combined with their ability to thoroughly listen and be honest in their delivery.  They sincerely want you to succeed and will take the time to ensure that they provide you with the tools to do so.  I really appreciate that they tailor their approach to your personal needs.  They listen, engage, and communicate with integrity which is important to someone, like myself, who is diving into a new field to start a business.  The greatest takeaway from my experience with the Noise Complaints Group is how they continued to check in on how I was doing and how the business was going, and offering further ideas when most consultant groups move on to the next.  Rest assured that when the FAM hit’s any roadblocks, or if we are in need of some outside ideas, I will be reaching out to Lyle and Kit once again.

Noisy Neighbors is the podcast about artists and creative entrepreneurs who are currently on a journey to build platforms, brands and businesses in order to become the next generation of influential leaders.

There are plenty of success stories of people who have already "made it" but what about the creatives chasing and building their dreams right now?