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In a crowded market place you can stand out


Cut Through The Noise

Craft Your Story

We take the time to understand what's important to you and find out what makes you exceptional. Then we craft a brand strategy to help you confidently tell your story to the world. 


Brand Strategy:

Brand Story

Brand Personality

Brand Attributes

Mission Statement


Brand Voice

Know Your Audience

Your brand is the key to building an emotional relationship with people and shaping experiences that positively impacts their lives. We will help you identify and deeply understand your audience.

Market Research:

Persona Development 

Demographic and Psychographic Analysis

Market Insights

Key Trends

Recommended Marketing Channels

Partner with Trusted Advisors

Building a brand is a dynamic process. The brand must be infused into the DNA of everything you do. We'll work with you as trusted advisors to provide clarity and honest guidance to ensure the success of your brand.

Brand Management:

Growth Strategy

Content strategy

Social Strategy

Experience Planning

What Our Clients Say

"The Noise Complaints Group provided me with a great road map to help me build a sustainable business plan for the Seattle FAM. 

I was extremely impressed with their professionalism combined with their ability to thoroughly listen and be honest in their delivery.  They sincerely want you to succeed and will take the time to ensure that they provide you with the tools to do so.  I really appreciate that they tailor their approach to your personal needs.  They listen, engage, and communicate with integrity which is important to someone, like myself, who is diving into a new field to start a business.  The greatest takeaway from my experience with the Noise Complaints Group is how they continued to check in on how I was doing and how the business was going, and offering further ideas when most consultant groups move on to the next.  Rest assured that when the FAM hit’s any roadblocks, or if we are in need of some outside ideas, I will be reaching out to Lyle and Kit once again."


—  Ryan Webb, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Seattle FAM

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