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Going Viral with the College Market

March 4, 2019



If you’re looking to spread your music and grow your brand, you need to build a fanbase on college campuses and make use of the resources and students there.


Students are hungry for something new and they have the free time and networks to promote you. They want to show their friends at their current schools, back home, and at other universities that they’re in on the secret and know what’s hot. With that they’ll become evangelists that spread your music to other students and schools, which then repeats, giving you new reach.


They’re tastemakers. People who are 18-23 often influence culture by inspiring people younger than them and informing the gatekeepers that are older than them on what’s hot and what they’re putting their energy towards support. Being able to connect with this audience on a personal level and with your music is an advantage that artists need to be aware of. If you can incorporate your music as a key piece of their college life and experience, artists will have life long fans.

Colleges and the student run organizations put on a ton of events throughout the year. Frats need to differentiate themselves, student organizations need to keep their members engaged and attract new ones, the college itself puts on events and all of them have budgets. Tap into those networks and get paid to perform at those events. It’ll take hustle and getting noticed, by using flyers and posters, networking at events the college hosts and opens to the public, targeting ads with your music to college students, and emailing these organizations.


Beyond the organization, there are other resources to tap into like college radio, students doing projects for their major to help you with work, and college magazines and newspapers to help promote you. Whatever it is, you can take advantage of those in ways other artist aren’t and grow your career.


Finally, colleges are a place to do market research and get feedback to see what resonates with an audience you want to reach. See how different songs perform in different environments from parties, to kick backs, to casual events, to study sessions, or sports games, among people of varying interests and backgrounds.


Listen to find out how to hear more about what you can gain from doing the work to spread using the college market and how to tap into it.






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